Manitoba PNP reopens

Last week, Manitoba officially reopened its Skilled Overseas Worker stream for new applicants. In addition, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) has also introduced improvements to the way it manages applications, aimed at ensuring future intake pauses are not necessary and making the programme both faster and more responsive for all applicants.

Based on the federal government’s Express Entry immigration model, the new Manitoba PNP is designed to provide faster processing for those with the skills needed in Manitoba’s labour market. All skilled workers interested in applying to the MPNP will need to create and submit an Expression of Interest as their first step to immigrating to the province.

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria of one of the MPNP’s existing program streams – Skilled Worker Overseas and Skilled Worker in Manitoba – will be accepted into a pool of prospective applicants, where they will be ranked according to various factors, including their language proficiency, education, work experience, and their connection to Manitoba and other parts of the country.

The highest ranking skilled workers will be invited to submit a full application to the MPNP during regular draws from the pool.

Manitoba has also introducing a ‘Procedural Fairness’ process to make it easier for applicants to the MPNP to respond to concerns with their application. Currently, applicants can only submit a request for review of a negative decision after a decision has been finalised, and only if they meet specific and limited criteria.

Through the new Procedural Fairness Process, applicants will have the opportunity to respond to and address any concerns about their application before a final decision is made, resulting in a fairer and more transparent decision making process.

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