A new survey carried out by one of the world’s largest staffing agencies reveals that many American employers are still struggling to find skilled workers to fill key job positions.

According to Manpower Group Inc’s latest findining, one in three US employers is having trouble finding suitable candidates, with skilled trade workers noted as being the ‘most in-demand’ occupation.

The 2015 survey found that 32 per cent of US employers reported difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages. That marks a decrease of 8 per cent from 2014, when 40 per cent were struggling.

This is the tenth year that Manpower has carried out a survey on hiring confidence and, according to Jonas Prising, Manpower’s Chief Executive, the only constant in this time has been “that talent shortages continue unabated.”

The latest Manpower survey found that nearly half of US employers — 48 per cent — acknowledge that talent shortages have a medium to high impact on their business, sometimes even affecting competitiveness.

The findings will be seen as yet further proof by American employers that skilled immigration reform in the US is desperately needed. For the past few years, many US employers, including some at America’s largest companies, have been lobbying the government to introduce ways for them to be able to bring in more foreign employers at a quicker pace than they currently can.

However, while both Democratic and Republican Senators both generally agree that reform is required, disagreements on how this should be carried out continue to hold back any decisions being taken to improve the country’s immigration system.