5 things you (probably) didn’t know about the USA

  1. There are no fewer than three towns or cities in America called Santa Claus. They can be found in the states of Arizona, Georgia and Indiana. Greenville is the most popular name for a US city, with 37 cities of this name dotted throughout the country.
  2. According to research from 2012, approximately 35 million Americans share DNA with at least one of the 102 Pilgrims who arrived in US onboard the Mayflower in 1620.
  3. Although Ohio is listed as the 17th state in the US, it is technically 47th because Congress forgot to vote on a resolution to admit it to the Union until 1953.
  4. Each state has a number of strange laws that could still be enforced today (although rarely, if ever, are). For example, in Alaska, no child may build a snowman taller than themselves on school property; In Florida it is illegal for a single, divorced, or widowed woman to Parachute on Sunday afternoons; while in New York a license must be obtained for hanging cloths on a clothesline.
  5. Alaska is home to four of the five largest cities (in terms of area, but not including bodies of water) in the United States. The largest city is Sitka, which covers 7,434.1 square kilometres, followed by Juneau (6,998 km2), Wrangell (6,582.4km2) and Anchorage (4,415.1 km2). Jacksonville, Florida is the largest ‘mainland city’, covering 1,934.1 km2. The largest city in terms of population is New York which is home to more than 8.4 million residents. By way of comparison, London is the UK’s largest city in terms of both size and population; it covers 1,571.9 km2 and is home to just under 8.5 million residents.