A newbies guide to investment in the UK

Are you planning to invest in UK property? If this is your first time making any sort of investment, you need to consider whether it is right for you and establish the approach you are going to take to make your investment successful.

To help you understand whether property investment is the right venture, you need to ask yourself a number of questions to enable a better understanding of your situation and how it aligns with investing in property.

 What are your goals?   

Before making any investment, however big or small, you must first consider your goals and whether investing in property will help you achieve them. If you have long-term financial goals, then property is an ideal choice, as it is considered a lifelong investment which can generate profits for many years. If you invest in the right property, this could enable you to enter retirement with a comfortable sum of money, while generating more through consistent tenancies and capital appreciation.

How are your finances? 

If you are currently facing financial difficulty, property investment may not be for you right now, as it involves paying out a significant amount to secure the property you want, as well as other additional capital. This could include purchase price, stamp duty, refurbishment expenses, advertising costs and more. All of this expenditure must be calculated to work out your potential returns and decide whether the investment is worthwhile, offering great capital appreciation and generating tenant interest.

Have you contacted experts? 

As this is your first time investing in property, it is vital that you speak with property professionals who understand the property market and can help you find a rewarding investment. Speaking to experts like RW Invest will help you get a better understanding of property investment by taking you through the step by step procedure involved in securing a successful investment. They also work with premier development companies who have built some of the most lucrative properties in prime locations.

Where should you invest?  

Many people starting out in the investing in property industry tend to automatically assume that London is the best place to invest in property. However, this location is actually in a state of decline in comparison to its northern counterparts, particularly Liverpool and Manchester. These cities boast some of the most sought-after locations with significantly high rental yields which attract investors all over the world, as well as landlords and tenants.

 How much responsibility are you willing to take on? 

Once you have purchased your property with the help of the experts, you need to consider how you’re going to manage your investment. If you’re looking to become a full-time landlord, then you should make sure you have the time and capabilities to take on a hands-on investment. This includes completing everything from rubbish pickup to maintenance and more. Other laxer alternatives include the hands-off approach, which involves hiring an external company to monitor and maintain your property, while you reap the benefits.

 Article published 1st May 2019