Applying to Australia to become more expensive

Australian visa fees are set to rise for the second time in just three months from the beginning of September.

Australian Visa Fees
The country’s recently released 2013/14 Economic Statement reveals that visa application fees will increase by 15 per cent across almost all migration categories from 1st September, with the exception of student and Electronic Travel Authority Tourist Visas.

New changes to visa fees in a number of categories had only come into effect on 1st July 2013 as part of the Australian government’s ongoing Visa Pricing Transformation Programme, which has introduced new visa services; a new visa pricing structure; and charges for discretionary services, such as visa labels. These changes had already in some cases doubled or even tripled the cost of making a visa application.

Australia’s new visa prices, for the main visas, as of 1st September 2013 will be as follows:

  • Temporary 457 Worker (Skilled): AUS$1,035
  • Partner (Onshore): AUS$4,575
  • Partner (Offshore): AUS$3,085
  • General Skilled Migration: AUS$3,520
  • Temporary Graduate (485): AUS$1,440
  • Working Holiday: AUS$420
  • Contributory Parent 2nd visa application charge: AUS$48,550

The new increases are set to raise AUS$542 million for the government over the next four years.