Auckland immigrants more qualified than locals

New figures from Immigration New Zealand reveal that immigrants living in Auckland are generally more qualified than locals.

The figures show that approximately one in five of Auckland’s overseas-born population holds a degree, compared to just 15 per cent of those born in NZ.

Furthermore, 10 per cent of the city’s foreign population have an honours or post-graduate degree, while 6 per cent of the local population hold the same level of qualification.

There are also more unqualified New Zealanders than immigrants living in the country’s largest city. Almost 20 per cent of New Zealand-born Auckland residents don’t hold any qualifications whatsoever, as opposed to 14 per cent of migrants.

The figures did not come as a surprise to Patrick McVeigh, the General Manager of Auckland’s economic development agency, ATEED, given New Zealand’s focus on attracting skilled workers. “That category around skilled migrants requires them to get a skilled job offer,” he explained.

Auckland is by far and away New Zealand’s largest city with more than 1.42 million people living there. In recent years the city has become increasingly diverse – it is now home to 131 different ethnic groups, while 39 per cent of its population was born overseas.