Auckland property bucks national trend

New Zealand national house price growth slowed once again in November, although the market is still showing no signs of slowing in the country’s biggest region, Auckland.

According to the latest Quotable Value residential property index, house prices in NZ rose by 5.1 per cent year-on-year to the end of November, having risen by 5.9 per cent in the year to the end of October.

However, house prices in Auckland were 9.3 per cent higher in November compared to year earlier; they had risen by 9.2 per cent in the year to October.

In spite of the slowing national price growth, though, the QV index is still 16.7 per cent higher than it was at the market’s previous peak in late 2007. The average price of a house in New Zealand is now NZ$483,424. The highest regional prices are unsurprisingly found in Auckland (NZ$748,955), while the lowest are in Wanganui (NZ$181,898).

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Article published 4th December 2014