Australia changes Family Stream lodgement requirements

On 1st July, there will be changes to how and where to lodge certain Australian Family Stream visa applications.

From this date, Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applicants will no longer be able to apply for these visas using pare-based applications or in person. Instead, applications for all Partner and Prospective Marriage visas must be lodged online via ImmiAccount. Payment of the visa application charge will also need to be made online via the ImmiAccount portal.

All applications for Other Family Stream visas will need to be sent by post or courier service to the Perth Visa and Citizenship Office. Applicants will no longer be able to lodge their application at one of our overseas offices or contracted Service Delivery Partners. This includes:

– Carer visas;

– Parents;

– Remaining Relative; and

– Aged Dependent Relative.

Application and sponsorship forms for Other Family Stream visas are available on the Home Affairs website. Again, payment of the visa application charge can be made online through the ImmiAccount portal. Online lodgement is not currently available for Other Family visas.

Unfinalised applications which were lodged at an overseas office are currently being transferred to the Perth processing office. Applicants will be notified when their application has been transferred.

Article published 18th June 2018