Australia records significant increase of immigrants

The number of immigrants moving to Australia increased significantly last year, with the majority of newcomers settling in either New South Wales or Victoria.

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that net overseas migration reached 245,400 people in the year to 30th June 2017. This is up 27 per cent on the same period a year previously.

New South Wales and Victoria recorded their highest ever levels of net overseas migration during this period. Overseas migration increased by 31 per cent and 23 per cent in each state respectively. This growth meant both states surpassed their previous recorded high in 2008-09.

However, while NSW and Victoria led the way, all Australian states and territories recorded an increase in net overseas migration compared with last year.

The rise in immigration levels helped Australia’s population to grow by 388,100 people in the 12 months to the end of June 2017, to reach 24.6 million. On current growth rates, Oz’s population is due to surpass 25 million people late next year.

Destinations of new immigrants by state

New South Wales – 98,600

Victoria – 86,900

Queensland -“ 31.100

Western Australia – 13,100

South Australia – 10,500

Australian Capital Territory – 2,800

Tasmania – 1,500

Northern Territory – 900

Article published 15th December 2017