Australia top destination for British emigrants: survey

A new global migration report has revealed that Australia is the favoured destination for British migrants who are planning on leaving the UK.

The 2016 Global Moving Trends Report, which collected data from 180,000 pre-move inquiries from people based all around the world, found that the UK had the highest rate of professionals wanting to leave the country of the 30 destinations analysed.

Australia was the preferred destination for 13 per cent of the Brits who planned to move abroad, placing it ahead of the US in second and Spain in third. France and Canada were the joint-fourth most popular destinations.

More than half of the British respondents cited settling somewhere with a good climate as the most important factor behind their destination decision, while three in ten revealed they were planning on leaving the UK in search for a better quality of life.

Indeed, only 25.3 per cent of Brits stated that low job prospects were a key reason to move out of the UK.

In terms of the most popular countries overall, France came out on top with 22.52 per cent of respondents from the 30 different countries choosing it as their ideal settlement destination. The UK was second (16.44 per cent), followed by the US (6.85 per cent), Australia (6.38 per cent) and Spain (3.69 per cent).

The most commonly given reasons why people want to move abroad were: Better quality of life, Career progression; Economic pressure; Family ties; Lifestyle change; Politics; and Wanderlust.

Top ten destinations for Brits wanting to move abroad

  1. Australia
  2. USA
  3. Spain

=4. Canada

=4. France

  1. Ireland
  2. UAE
  3. New Zealand
  4. Germany
  5. South Africa
  6. Italy

Article by David Fuller