Australia’s population exceeds 24 million

Australia’s population has raced past the 24 million people mark, thanks in part to a significant increase in net immigration.

New official figures show that Australia’s population increased by nearly 350,000 in the year to September 2016, hitting 24.2 million.

The figures show that net immigration hit 200,000 for the first time in four years.

Unsurprisingly the biggest population increases were seen in Australia’s two most popular states for immigrants. Victoria’s population grew by 127,500 people while New South Wales saw an increase of 109,600 residents.

In Queensland, the total number of people rose by 67,700, while Western Australia welcomed 25,200 residents.

Elsewhere, South Australia added 9,500 new residents, the Australian Capital Territory grew by 5,800 people, while Tasmania and the Northern Territory saw increases of 2,600 and 800 respectively.

Australia’s population by state

New South Wales, 7,757,800

Victoria, 6,100,900

Queensland, 4,860,400

Western Australia, 2,623,200

South Australia, 1,710,800

Tasmania, 519,800

ACT, 398,300

Northern Territory 245,700

Total, 24,220,200

 Article published 28th March 2017