BC to look abroad for more workers

The Canadian province of British Columbia could be in need of around one million new workers over by 2020 – and many of them are likely to come from abroad.

That’s the view of the province’s Deputy Jobs Minister, David Byng, who recently told a business audience in Vancouver that there are currently 47 work projects worth half-a-billion Canadian dollars or more which are due to get underway in the next seven years, the majority of which are due to have started by 2018.

Around three quarters of the work associated with these new projects will be based in the northern reaches if BC, with the majority related to liquefied natural gas.

While the Canadian government’s priority is to make sure that BC residents have first crack at any new jobs created, Byng told the audience that these projects would definitely require a significant increase in the number of overseas workers currently arriving to work in the province.

“The reality of it is, if we look at the projects that we’ve got going here in British Columbia, there will be a continued need and demand for access to temporary labour both from across Canada and from outside our borders,” he said. “And so you’ll most certainly see the province speaking from that perspective and working hard to ensure access to temporary foreign workers,” the Minister added.
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