Berlin to open new immigration office

Berlin has taken its first steps towards becoming a more welcoming destination for skilled immigrants, by setting up a new state office for skilled immigration.

It is hoped that the capital city’s new ‘immigration authority,’ the Landesamt für Einwanderung (State Office for Immigration), will help the city attract more skilled immigrants using the government’s Berlin urban city life with Reichstag at sunset in summer, Germany - Emigrate2immigration laws.

“The establishment of an independent office for immigration is supposed to develop the foreign citizens’ authority into a true welcome authority,” Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said as he announced the move on Monday.

The office will replace the existing Office for Foreigners, which is a sub-department of the authority that deals with everything from driver’s licenses to marriage certificates.

The German government has pledged to become a more welcoming immigration destination in a bid to attract much needed skilled workers from abroad. Berlin has become one of the first German states to boost its efforts to attract skilled workers with the formation of this office.

In December, it was announced that the German government has moved closer to passing a long-awaited law to lift obstacles to skilled labour from around the world. Although details surrounding a new immigration program remain vague, it is hoped that a new immigration system could be in place by next year.

Article published 27th February 2019