Booze-free bar in New Zealand loses it’s spirit

It’s clear that the people of New Zealand were not impressed by the owners of Tap Bar, opening the country’s first alcohol-free bar just five weeks ago. Absolutely “no one showed up”, says co-owner Grady Elliott. The bar was forced to close after only five weeks of operation.

The bar, opened in Auckland, charged an entry fee of $15 and then non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) and juices started from just $5. The owners decided to open the bar at midnight in a bid to attract late night party animals who had been at other local bars and clubs but wanted to wind the night down alcohol-free.

According to industry analysts, alcohol-free bars were expected to be the “next big thing”. It has proven a hit in London, UK, with the bar Redemption proving popular in Notting Hill, Hackney and Holborn. Maybe the news of this alcohol-free trend is still travelling to New Zealand.

Co-owner of Tap Bar, Grady Elliott, has decided to give the people of New Zealand what they want and is applying for a drinks license so he can re-launch the bar as a nightclub.