Brexit putting off international students

A new survey reveals that around a third fewer international students are likely to choose to study in the UK in the wake of last month’s Brexit vote.

The study, carried out by careers advisory Hobsons International on more than 1,000 international students, found that 30 per cent said they were less likely to study in the UK due to the referendum result. Of these 6 per cent said they definitely wouldn’t study in the UK due to the UK leaving the EU.

One of the major concerns international students have about studying in the UK was safety. Some students cited a perceived less welcoming environment and a rise in racist attacks since the Brexit vote.

Indeed, reported hate crimes rose by over 50 per cent in the days immediately following the referendum. Meanwhile, figures released last week by the National Police Chiefs’ Council revealed that 6,293 such crimes had been reported to the police between mid-June and mid-July.

Other concerns international students had regarding studying in the UK included increased difficulties in obtaining study visas and fewer job opportunities upon graduating.

However, there were some foreign students who stated that they would now be more likely to study in the UK, due to the falling value of the pound.

Article published 28th July 2016