British expats returning home fearing Brexit

New figures suggest that British expats are already returning to the EU, fearing their futures should Britain vote to leave the Union in the June’s referendum.

Doubts over what would happen to a British expats’ rights to healthcare and state pensions should they remain living in the EU in the event of a leave vote, is reportedly driving expats back to the UK.

“If Britain were to leave there would be nothing to stop Spain, France or any other country from preventing Britons form accessing their healthcare system,” warned Britain Stronger In Europe Spokesman James McGrory.

According to a report earlier this week in the Daily Mail, hundreds of Brits a day are already leaving Spain ahead of the referendum, while there has also been a jump in the number returning ‘home’ from Spain and France.

Figures show that in the last two years 72,000 Brits have left Spain and 7,000 Italy.

A BMG online survey of 1,518 adults conducted earlier this week showed 45 per cent of respondents supported Brexit compared to 41 per cent with 14 per cent of voters undecided.

No official announcements regarding what would happen to a British expats’ rights in the result of a leave vote have yet been announced, but it is likely that negotiations would take place to offer some assurances and support to those who do live in the EU.

Article by David Fuller