More British students seeking overseas study

More British students than ever before are choosing to spend at least some part of the academic year studying abroad.

According to new figures released yesterday, the number of students at UK universities who spent time studying overseas last year increased by 50 per cent. The new data shows that 28,640 British students went abroad last year either to study or take up an internship as part of their course.

Of these, 15,556 students went abroad as part of the Erasmus project – an EU-wide initiative which allows students from across the Union to study or work for a year in a member country.

The United States is the most popular destination for British students, with more than 10,000 UK students choosing to study across the Pond.

Holland is also a popular destination, with more than 400 British students studying at Maastricht University alone.

The trend for studying abroad is unlikely to end anytime soon. A recent survey carried out by the British council on almost 3,000 British students revealed that more than a third of them would be interested in studying abroad at graduate level.