Brits benefit from studying abroad

The majority of British students believe that studying abroad increases their job prospects upon graduating.

According to a British Council report, released earlier this week, 83 per cent of students believed that studying abroad had strengthened their job prospects, making them more employable than those who had not studied overseas.

The study also revealed that the vast majority of respondents – 91 per cent – were likely to recommend studying abroad to other students and would emphasise the positive value the experience had to their social, personal and professional lives.

The same amount also stated that studying abroad also made them more inclusive and welcoming to international students, citing greater empathy towards international students and the challenges they may face.

“Our research shows that, after study abroad, British students are eager to share their wisdom and worldview with their peers,” says Education Intelligence Research Director Zainab Malik. “By inspiring returned students to unpack the lessons learned while overseas and to be advocates for study abroad and for international students, the life-changing effects of the experience are maximised and shared,” she added.

Other findings showed that 81 per cent of students who had studied abroad were more interested in global issues after their experience, while 69 per cent said they had become more interested in national political issues after studying abroad.

The study also revealed a positive relationship between studying overseas during higher education and the desire to go abroad again, for academic or professional reasons. Almost one third of respondents would ‘definitely’ apply for a job abroad and 54 per cent stated they were now more open to the option.

Article published 19th August 2016