Brits support highly skilled worker immigration

A new poll has found that more than half of British people support highly skilled worker immigration.

The poll, conducted jointly by Ipsos Mori and Kings College London found that 52 per cent of British adults believed more migrants coming to do highly skilled jobs should be admitted.

Only 12 per cent of those polled disagreed that more highly skilled workers should be allowed into the UK.

However, the same research found that support for low-skilled worker immigration is extremely low. Only 18 per cent of respondents agreed that more should be allowed to come and do routine manual jobs. Over 40 per cent even went as far to say that fewer low skilled workers should be permitted entry to the UK.

The poll also asked respondents about the impact of immigration in general. Just under half – or 48 per cent – believed it has been good for Britain while 34 per cent responded that it has had a negative impact.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it was found that people who voted to remain in last year’s EU referendum were far more pro-immigration than those who opted to leave.

Sixty-eight per cent of remain voters said immigration has been good for the UK, while only 16 per cent felt it hadn’t.

Meanwhile, only 43 per cent of leave voters felt immigration had been positive, while 20 per cent believed it had a negative impact on the country.

Article published 18th April 2017