Brock University to cover international PhD fees

Brock University in Niagara, Ontario has announced that it will fully cover the fees for international PhD students.

The Canadian university announced last week that it will increase international doctoral fellowships to match the tuition costs for overseas students who are enrolled in a PhD programme.

“Research tells us that some of the best young minds in various countries would love to pursue their graduate studies at a North American institution,” said Diane Dupont, interim dean of graduate studies at Brock. “It is known that students who earn graduate degrees often settle in the country where they studied, so attracting the best and brightest represents a great intellectual gain for Niagara.”

Brock University currently has just 27 international students enrolled in doctoral studies, but has stated that it would like this number to increase in all areas over the next few years.

The University offers 49 master’s and PhD programs alongside an array of specialisations. Just over 30 per cent of all graduate students are from overseas.

Brock becomes the second Ontario-based university to announce new financial support for international doctoral students in recent weeks. Last month, the University of Toronto announced that it would reduce tuition fees for overseas PhD students to the same level as that of domestic students.

Article published 19th February 2018