Business secretary calls for positive response to white paper

The UK’s Business Secretary says the EU Commission must respond positively to a Chequers white paper to ensure our continued strong economic ties between the Union and the UK.

The white paper sets the foundations for a positive future trade relationship with the EU compared to the negative impact of ‘No Deal’ on both member states and the UK.

Speaking after recent meetings in Austria and Finland, Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “Since the publication of the white paper I have travelled to five EU capitals to discuss our proposals with ministers and businesses. I am confident the UK and the EU now have the foundations and opportunity to come to a pragmatic and mutually beneficial deal.

“My discussions across Europe have demonstrated how clearly it is in everyone’s interest that an agreement is reached quickly and ‘No Deal’ is avoided. The Commission has a responsibility to all the people of Europe to respond positively and constructively, if not, the disruption and impact on our continent’s businesses, economies, and millions of hard working families across the UK and EU will be significant and lasting.”

The Business Secretary also discussed the challenges and opportunities all countries are facing in preparing their economies for the industrial revolution that is taking place across almost every sector. Ensuring the UK through its Industrial Strategy builds on its strengths to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead and provide the high skilled, well-paying jobs in the industries of tomorrow is a priority of the government, he says.

Article published 17th August 2018