Canada launches two new caregiver programs

Canada has launched two new pilot caregiver programs that will aim to help caregivers who come to the country make it their permanent home.

The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots opened for applications yesterday, replacing the expiring Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots.

Caregivers will now only receive a work permit if they have a job offer in Canada and meet standard criteria for economic immigration programs. Once working in Canada, they will be able to begin gaining the required two years of Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residence.

Through these new pilots, caregivers will also benefit from:

– Occupation-specific work permits, rather than employer-specific, to allow for a fast change of employers when necessary;

– Open work permits and/or study permits for the caregivers’ immediate family, to help families come to Canada together; and

– A clear transition from temporary to permanent status, to ensure that once caregivers have met the work experience requirement, they will be able to become permanent residents quickly.

These new pilots provide caregivers from abroad and their families with a clear, direct pathway to permanent residence.

“Canada is caring for our caregivers. We made a commitment to improve the lives of caregivers and their families who come from around the world to care for our loved ones and with these new pilots, we are doing exactly that,” said Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration Minister.

Initial applications to the new pilot programs will have a 12-month processing service standard. A six-month processing standard will apply for finalising an application after the caregiver submits proof that they have met the work experience requirement.

The new pilots will each have a maximum of 2,750 principal applicants, for a total of 5,500 principal applicants per year, plus their immediate family.

Article published 19th June 2019