Canada planning to launch new skilled immigration system

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander yesterday announced that the country will introduce a new immigration plan next year that will likely change the focus of the skilled worker system.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

It is almost certain that Canada will move from a passive economic immigration system to an active recruiting programme under a new intake system tentatively titled the Expression of Interest System (EOI). A similar system is already used in both Australia and New Zealand, and requires applicants to express their intent to emigrate with those with the skills and experience deemed to be most in demand at any particular time then being invited to apply for a visa.

Full details of the Canadian plan are set to be announced during 2014, and the hope is that the programme can be launched on 1st January 2015.

“Securing economic growth is and will remain our Government’s top priority,” said Alexander. “Canada is in a global competition for the best and brightest immigrants, and this plan is crafted with attracting the people we need for Canada to succeed.”

After tabling the Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, Alexander said Canada plans to welcome between 240,000 to 265,000 new permanent residents in 2014, with record admissions forecast in both the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Provincial Nominee Programmes.

“While Canadians will continue to get the first crack at available jobs, getting the right people in the right places is key to addressing regional labour needs and fuelling Canada’s long-term prosperity,” said Alexander. “We need newcomers willing to put their skills, ideas and energies to work,” Alexander added.

Economic immigration is slated to increase by 63 per cent in 2014, with the remaining 37 per cent to consist of family class immigrants, refugees and others admitted under humanitarian programmes.

“We will continue to drive down backlogs, reduce wait times and improve service. We will continue to reunite families. We will continue to give refuge to the world’s most vulnerable,” said Alexander.

To find out if you qualify for a visa under the country’s current programme requirements, visit:

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