Canada the ideal country for immigrant entrepreneurs

Canada has been labelled the best country in the G-7 for immigrant entrepreneurs to start a business.

Business in North America

Business in North America

According to the World Bank, Canada’s open immigration policy, strong banking system, growing job market, and high standard of living all contribute to making the country an ideal destination for foreign entrepreneurs to settle in.

Earlier this year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a new Start-Up Visa, designed to act as an incentive for foreign entrepreneurs to bring their talent to Canada. The visa offers permanent residency to entrepreneurs who have funding from angel investors, venture capital partners, or a business incubator.

The programmes is set to run for the next five years and is already being well publicised by the Canadian government. Last month, the country’s Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, went to a trade conference in Silicon Valley to specifically target overseas business people. His department even ran a cheeky billboard hoping to take advantage of the current uncertainty surrounding the US’s own immigration programme.

This is not the first time Canada has been labelled a great place to do business in. An article in Forbes magazine last year also rated Canada as the best country in the G-20 with which to do business.