Canada welcomes over 6,000 new citizens during Citizenship Week

During last week’s Citizenship week, 6,442 people became new Canadians at 72 special citizenship ceremonies held across the country.

For this year’s Citizenship Week celebrations, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) took some of the country’s newest Canadians to literal great heights. Citizenship Week celebrations opened with a special outdoor citizenship ceremony at the top of the CN Tower, with six new Canadians taking the oath of citizenship while harnessed on the EdgeWalk, accompanied by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen.

This ceremony was followed by other elevated ceremonies at the top of the Vancouver Lookout on 11th October, and at the Olympic Stadium in Montréal on 12th October.

As Citizenship Week fell during Women’s History Month, citizenship ceremonies across Canada also celebrated the outstanding achievements of women who have shaped Canada, as Indigenous peoples, settlers, innovators and activists. Prominent women in civics, business, science and other areas were guest speakers at several of our special citizenship ceremonies across Canada.

“This Citizenship Week was a time to celebrate being Canadian and the strength and freedom of our country and its people,” said Hussen. “It was also a special time to welcome our newest members into the Canadian family. Achieving Canadian citizenship is not only deeply personal, it’s also an important step that allows immigrants to gain a deeper sense of belonging to our country, and to become more active members of our society.”

The week marked the one‑year anniversary of Bill C‑6, which brought in important changes to the Citizenship Act, helping qualified applicants get citizenship faster.

By the end of this month, an estimated 152,000 people will have obtained Canadian citizenship since the changes came into effect, an increase of 40 per cent, compared to the 108,000 people who obtained citizenship in the same period the year before.

Article published 17th October 2018