Canadian college sees significant rise in overseas students

A college on Prince Edward Island has experienced a huge rise in the number of overseas students studying there, largely driven by the election of President Trump in the United States.

Latest enrolment figures for the province’s Holland College show that 330 overseas students are attending the school this year – almost 30 per cent more than last year.

“We have more international students now than we’ve ever had in our history,” said the vice-president of programs at Holland College, Sandy MacDonald.

MacDonald said it’s good news for the college and good news for domestic students who get exposed to many different cultures and different ways of learning and working.

The international students mostly come from the Bahamas, the United States and Mexico.

Top cope with the increased demand, the college recently secured approximately CDN$850,000 in federal funds to help hire more teachers and reduce the waiting list for people trying to get in.

The growth in overseas student numbers is an increasingly common theme throughout Canada. Not only is Canada actively trying to increase international student numbers by offering them an easier path to residency once they graduate, but more young Americans than ever before have started to look into continuing their studies in the country in the wake of President Trump’s election.

Article published 18th October 2017