Caregivers urged to apply for Interim Pathway for Caregivers

Caregivers currently working in Canada are being urged to get their applications for the Interim Pathway for Caregivers program before it shuts next month.

The Interim Pathway for Caregivers was launched as a three-month program on 4th March as a short-term pathway for caregivers, their spouses and their children for the opportunity to become permanent residents. This pathway was launched to help caregivers who have been working in Canada but who haven’t qualified for any other current caregiver program.

To apply, a caregiver needs to have:

– A valid work permit (or have applied to extend their work permit or restore their status);

– One year of Canadian work experience as a home childcare provider or home support worker, or a combination of both jobs since November 2014;

– A minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark level 5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking in either English or French; and

– A Canadian high school diploma or a foreign equivalent.

If an applicant can’t get the results of a language test or Educational Credential Assessment in time before the deadline, they can submit proof they have scheduled a language test and have submitted a request for an assessment.

“Caregivers came to Canada to provide care to families that need it, and it’s time for Canada to care for them in return,” said Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. “We are finally providing them and their family members the opportunity to apply to become permanent residents to demonstrate our commitment. We urge them to apply by the June 4th deadline.”

Article published 10th May 2019