Christchurch residents enjoying improved quality of life

Visible rebuild progress in Christchurch, New Zealand is helping to boost people’s quality of life, says Associate Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Nicky Wagner.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority’s fifth Wellbeing Survey has found overall quality of life in Greater Christchurch continues to improve, and for some, tangible signs of progress and access to new and repaired recreational facilities are a part of this.

“The quality of life results have been steadily tracking upwards and we are now at a point where 77 per cent of people in the community are reporting their quality of life is good or very good,” Minister Wagner said.

The Wellbeing Survey reports: ‘a significant lift in optimism and positive responses among residents’.

“The infrastructure rebuild is also making a noticeable difference, with fewer people reporting transport-related stress than in the previous survey – 15 per cent, down from 22 per cent,” said Wagner.

The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) is already 57 per cent through its work programme, with 76 per cent of its inner city work completed.

“It is heartening that most people are enjoying a good quality of life in Christchurch despite everything we have been through, and things will only get better with such an exciting future for the city,” the Minister added.

The Canterbury region, and Christchurch in particular, has attracted thousands of skilled workers from all around the world in the past few years, and more workers are still needed as the rebuild of the earthquake stricken area continues. The region even has its own occupations skills list – the Canterbury Skill Shortage List – which highlights occupations in shortage that are needed during the rebuild.

Article published 10th December 2014