Denmark becoming a real immigrant nation

New figures in Denmark show that one in every seven people living in the country is either an immigrant or a direct descendant of an immigrant.

Data released by Danmarks Statistik reveal that over the past decade, the Danish population has increased by 300,000 people – with immigrants responsible for roughly 269,000 of this growth. The total population of Denmark is currently 5.8 million; up from 4.9 million in 1980.

The group accounting for the highest number of immigrants and their descendants living in the country hail from Turkey with almost 64,000, followed by Poland (over 48,000), Syria (over 42,000), and then Germany, Romania and Iraq (all over 33,000).

Recent conflict has been a major catalyst for many of the nationalities who have settled in Denmark in recent years. There has been a huge increase in the number of immigrants coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Iran and Somalia in the past three decades. There were only a few immigrants from these countries in 1980 while there are now over 19,000 immigrants from each of them living in Denmark.

Meanwhile, other notable immigrant groups in Denmark include those from Norway and the UK (both over 17,000), Sweden (over 16,000), Vietnam (over 15,000), India and China (both over 14,000), Philippines (over 12,000) and the United States (over 10,000).

Article published 24th October 2019