Dream holiday home locations revealed

A new report carried out by an insurance group reveals that western European locations lead the way when it comes to dream holiday home destinations for Brits.

A survey carried out by the Hiscox Group on over 1,000 UK adults revealed that the vast majority (64 per cent) would opt to buy a holiday home in a Mediterranean country. Eight of the top ten most popular locations mentioned were in Europe, while only two were from outside the continent – Egypt and Dubai.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Spain was the most popular country for those who dream of owning a home abroad, followed by France and Italy.

“It’s no surprise that Mediterranean countries lead the way when it comes to Brits buying abroad, but who would have foreseen the rise of Dubai and Egypt as popular locations for an overseas holiday home?” said Laurent Schonbach, overseas home specialist at Hiscox. “Our spirit for adventure is reflected in the increasing demand for properties outside Europe.”

The top 10 dream locations in which to buy an overseas holiday home

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Portugal
  5. Southern Cyprus
  6. Greece
  7. Switzerland
  8. Turkey
  9. Egypt
  10. Dubai

Article published 19th July 2018