Dubai issues more than 825,000 expat visas in 2014

New figures show that more than 825,000 work visas were issued to expats living in Dubai last year.

According to data released by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the organisation carried out nearly 1.7 million medical fitness procedures in 2014. Of these, 828,898 were for expats requiring new visas while 869,242 were for renewals.

Medical fitness tests are mandatory for all expats living in the UAE who apply for either a residency, employment or education visa.

The DHA operates 16 medical fitness centres across the emirate and has plans in place to establish an occupational screening centre in Uptown Mirdif in the coming months. This screening is needed for expats who need specific certification depending on their profession – for example, roads and transport authority (RTA) drivers, civil defence professionals, and food handlers.