Economic factors boost British attitudes to immigration

British people’s attitudes towards immigration improve when they are told about the economic benefits new immigrants bring to the country, a new poll reveals.


Last week, a poll carried out by Sky News found that EU immigration is a leading concern for British voters. However, a new YouGov survey shows that when Brits are made fully aware of financial factors regarding immigration there is a noticeable change in attitudes.

The number of respondents who viewed immigration negatively dropped from 63 per cent to 54 per cent after they were told that the government’s financial watchdog believes that higher immigration will help the economy grow and ease pressure to cut spending.

The survey also found that those holding positive views about net migration grew from 32 per cent to 39 per cent, while the numbers wanting an end to all immigration dropped from 16 per cent to 12 per cent.

According to research released by the Office for Budget Responsibility, the public sector’s net debt would be £18 billion higher in five years time if net immigration was halted, and that in 50 years time the national debt would soar from 74 per cent of annual GDP to 187 per cent.