Ecuador named world’s top expat destination

A recently released survey has named Ecuador as the world’s top expat destination.

The Expat Insider 2014, carried out by Internations, quizzed early 14,000 expatriates from over 160 countries across the globe a variety of questions about their life abroad, including general quality of life, working abroad, family life, leisure and making friends abroad, international romance and expat relationships, and personal finances.

Ecuador ranked in first in the personal finance and cost of living indexes, and also topped the rankings for ease of making friends and personal happiness. In totals, around 82 per cent of Ecuadorian expats said that they found it easy to settle down and feel at home in the South American country.

Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States rounded out the top five.

Other traditionally popular locations for British expats also finished in the top 20 positions: Spain was ranked seventh, Australia ninth, Germany 12th, Canada 14th and New Zealand 16th.

The UK itself placed just outside the top 20 in 21st position, while the UAE and France were ranked in 33rd and 40th place respectively.

Expat Insider 2014 top 10 expat destinations

  1. Ecuador
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Mexico
  4. Switzerland
  5. USA
  6. Singapore
  7. Spain
  8. Philippines
  9. Australia
  10. Hong Kong


Article published 3rd December 2014