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Emigrate to CanadaSo, you are thinking of emigrating to Canada! There are a number of common misconceptions about Canada that could lead many people to leave the country off of their list of potential emigration destinations. For example, a sizable number will view the North American country as little more than a less glamorous offshoot of its southern neighbour, the United States, while others will dismiss Canada out of hand simply for being too cold.

The truth, however, is that Canada is very much its own country with its own unique identity. From the largely liberal and welcoming attitudes of its inhabitants to the stunning scenery of mountains, coast and lakes that act as a picturesque backdrop no matter where one should choose to settle, Canada has plenty to offer the 250,000 or so newcomers who arrive to live there each year.

Even the notion that it’s always cold is something of a myth. While winters are certainly on the chilly side with minus temperatures and heavy snowfall fairly common throughout most of the country (the major exception is western British Columbia, which tends to be dry and mild throughout the year), summers are actually quite hot in many areas with temperatures in excess of 25OC not unusual. Even the coldest winters, however, are not enough to stop Canadians getting out to enjoy the best of what their country has to offer, with pastimes like skiing, ice skating and (in particular) ice hockey all massively popular throughout the country.

What’s more, Canada offers some of the best standards of (affordable) healthcare, education and banking found anywhere in the world and its economy weathered the global credit crunch better than practically every other developed, western nation. Of course, it is one thing to simply be aware of all the many advantages that Canada has going for it, it’s quite another to actually get to enjoy them first hand. For starters, you’ll need to obtain a visa to sample the delights of living in the country and this itself can be a challenge, especially if you don’t possess skills required by Canada’s provincial/territorial or federal governments, or have family members already residing somewhere in the country.

If you can qualify for a visa, then there is still much to think about in order to make your emigration run as smoothly as possible. Will you be able to find work, afford to buy that dream property or send your child to a school with a decent reputation?

No matter what stage of the emigration process you’re at, then you’ll find plenty to interest you in this Canada-specific section of the website, with content provided from a number of sources, including emigration industry experts and expats. From that all important information regarding how you can actually get a visa to details on many major aspects of Canadian life including banking, healthcarefinancial considerations and education.

Throw in some advice on flights, removals and currency exchange, and some job and property market information, and you should find this section a one-stop shop for all your Canadian emigration needs. And with content regularly added and updated there will be plenty for you to read as you carefully plan your new life in Canada.

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