International removals to Europe

International removals in Europe

European countries are an attractive option for those interested in relocating from Britain, as they are still within easy travelling distance of friends and family back home. Offering a taste of a different culture, and a warmer climate, Spain, France and Portugal are among the most sought after destinations. However, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy and Germany are also popular, and easily accessible from the UK.

Mainland Europe may be our neighbour, but you will still need an experienced international removals firm to ship the contents of your home overseas safely. Ensuring that everything runs smoothly, they will enable you to transform your new house into a home quickly, with little stress. So that you can start enjoying all that Europe has to offer as soon as possible.

What to look for in an international removals firm

  • Extensive experience in international removals
  • FAIM accreditation – the independent Quality Assurance standard for the International Moving Industry
  • Membership of the FIDI Global alliance – which means that you get the same standard of service at your overseas destination as in the UK
  • Members of the British Association of Removers Overseas Group

Where to start

Look for an international removals firm that will offer a free no obligation survey, and a detailed quote. Go with your gut instinct – you will soon get a sense for whether you are dealing with a company that prides itself in looking after its customers and is experienced enough to answer any questions you have with confidence.

What can your removals firm help with?

Having a knowledgeable team on hand helps reduce anxieties and boost excitement about your move. A specialist international removals company like PSS will do more than just help you with packing and shipping. They will make sure you receive quality advice on all aspects of your relocation, so that you feel guided and supported every step of the way.

They will be able to assist you with:

  • Coordinating your removal to Europe – advice on tasks to complete and timings
  • Documentation – details of tax, visas, import and insurance paperwork needed
  • Exports – advice on legal restrictions of what to take and what to leave behind
  • Costs – detailed outline of the costs involved in international removals
  • Local knowledge – account managers who know the unique cultural, economic and legal landscape of where you are headed
  • Specialist partners – recommendations for reliable consultancy on recruitment, visas, banking, foreign exchange, education, pet shipping, finances, tax and pensions

Moving to Europe | A Brief Guide

If you’re travelling light (1-20 cartons), an excess baggage service will cover your needs; if you have over 20 cartons to ship, a part or full removals service will be needed.

  1. It’s advisable to book a removals service 4 weeks prior to your move. If the date of moving may be subject to change, ask your removals firm for a provisional booking.
  2. If you do not have an address at the time of booking your removal, a contact address and contact details should suffice. The delivery address can be advised later.
  3. Transit times may vary depending on your European destination. As a guide, the time it takes for door-to-door removal from a UK home to a Spanish residence is around 3-7 days for dedicated loads and 1-3 weeks for part loads.
  4. Documents you need to produce vary according to your destination. As a guide, when entering Spain, they will include: Passport, certificate of residency confirming you have been working and living for more than 12 months in the country of origin, European Certificate or N.I.E number, removal inventory in Spanish, valuation form for Shipment Protection cover, purchase receipts (only if you are importing newly purchased goods)
  5. Prices for international removals to Europe depend on destination and shipment size.
  6. The cost of Shipment Protection Cover is based on the total insurable value of the shipment that you declare. As a guide, expect 2.8% for consignments packed by the removal firm; 3.5% for consignments packed by the customer; 2% for vehicle shipments; and 5% for owner-packed baggage/airfreight consignments.

Need some advice?

If you are thinking about moving to Europe and want to find out more about the removals process, contact our Removals experts.

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