Emigrate to New Zealand

milfordsoundFor those of you who are seeking to emigrate to New Zealand in which to seek your fortune, it’s probably safe to say that it may be time to start exploring other sections of this website. If, however, you’re looking to move to an idyllic country that is famed for its relaxed pace of life, friendly residents and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, then emigrating to New Zealand is very much for you.

There is little doubt that the overwhelming majority of migrants who move to New Zealand each year do so as a lifestyle choice. Ever since The Lord of the Rings film trilogy firmly placed the country in the global spotlight in the early noughties, displaying NZ’s stunning landscapes and vistas to an audience of millions, tourists and migrants have flocked to the land of the long white cloud, seduced by the images they’d seen on their TV screens.

Split into two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, both of which boast their own distinct character and appeal, NZ is home to just over 4.4 million residents. Roughly three-quarters of them live on the North Island. While the South Island is recognised as being the more scenic of the two, the fact is that the North Island is also extremely easy on the eye and it’s not a stretch to say that no matter where in the country you choose to live you’ll benefit from glorious surroundings.

However, there’s far more to New Zealand than just its appearance. This is a country where a high emphasis is placed on leisure time and the ways in which to spend this free time are endless. While simply relaxing is certainly one option, New Zealand likes to think of itself as an adventure playground and many Kiwis are something of adrenaline-junkies, keen on pursuits such as bungee jumping, kayaking, white-water rafting and hiking (or trekking as it is more commonly known in NZ,). Rugby union is revered by many as being close to a religion. Add to this a low crime rates along with good education and healthcare standards and you can start to see just how much NZ has going for it.

However, this isn’t to say that the country will be for everyone. Some people will find the reality of actually living in such a rural environment, where people largely move at their own pace, extremely frustrating and fail to settle. What’s more, there is also no guarantee of getting a visa to live in the country in the first place – especially if you don’t have a job offer from a Kiwi employer or family already living in the country.

That’s where this NZ-specific section of the website will stand you in good stead. From information about visas to job listings, bankingcurrency exchangefinancial advice to education overviews; healthcare, property market, introductions to help planning your removals, you will find all the information that you’ll need to fully prepare yourself for life when you emigrate to New Zealand.