Cost of living in New Zealand


If you’re thinking about moving overseas, New Zealand is an affordable option, providing excellent quality of life for a lower cost than many countries around the world. In the Mercer ‘Cost of Living Survey’ (2015), New Zealand’s major cities – Auckland and Wellington – were shown to provide a lower cost of living than cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. Auckland ranked 61st and Wellington 83rd.

How much you pay for daily expenses in New Zealand will depend on where you choose to live, as well as your personal spending habits. House prices and rentals vary around the country. In Auckland, where purchase prices and rent are the highest, expect to pay over NZ$500k for a house, or rent for around an average of NZ$400 a week for a two or three bedroom home or apartment.

Petrol is around a third cheaper than it is in the UK. The costs of phone or internet are comparable to the UK, though mobile phone charges are often higher. While internet costs are comparable, the connection speeds may not be as fast. Takeaways such as fish and chips and pizza tend to be cheaper than the UK, but supermarket food can be more expensive.

In general, New Zealanders enjoy a high standard of living, although salaries are lower than in Australia, North America and many European countries.

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