Flying to New Zealand

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There’s plenty to look forward to once you reach the Land of the Long White Cloud, from stunning landscapes to its friendly locals. But it’s worth remembering New Zealand is literally on the other side of the world – some 11,000 miles in fact. So if you’re planning on emigrating, it’s a good idea to consider how you’re going to get there, the travel time, costs, the best ways to book your flight and how to navigate its airports.

How to get to New Zealand

The following airlines that fly to New Zealand from the UK are Air New Zealand (the national carrier), British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Royal Brunei, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. Major airlines offer flights to New Zealand from the United Kingdom with a stopover. Stopover destinations include Dubai, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

Most international flights arrive into Auckland Airport, located in the northern part of the North Island. From there, connecting domestic flights fly into most cities.

Costs and time

Flights range in cost from around £700 to £1700 plus. Flight times range from 24 hours with one stop, to up to 35 hours for cheaper flights with numerous stops. For example, a flight from London Heathrow with Air New Zealand takes 26 hours and 30 minutes with a stopover in Los Angeles.

Prices will of course differ depending on factors such as who you travel with, the number of stopovers, the time of the year, seat class and any special requirements you may have.

Airports in New Zealand

Auckland Airport serves the largest number of international arrivals and departures. New Zealand’s largest and busiest airport has one terminal building for international flights and another for domestic flights, with a free shuttle between the two.

The airport is located 20km south of the city centre, in the suburb of Mangere. You can get to the centre via the Airbus Express for NZ$16 (£7) adult one way (approximately 45-60 minutes), or via a shuttle for approximately NZ$33 (£14) for one (about 60 minutes). A taxi will cost approximately $75 (£31) to $90 (£38) and will take about 30 minutes. Major rental car companies operate from both terminal buildings but you should book ahead.

Four other airports also receive flights from other countries – Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown and Dunedin. If you need to fly onwards, New Zealand has a comprehensive network of domestic airports which make every part of the country accessible, from Kaitaia Airport in the far north to Ryan’s Creek Aerodrome on Stewart Island.

Best places to book your flight to New Zealand

Rather than relying on one search to find the cheapest flight, try to get into the habit of cross-checking at least three. Like a particular airline? Sometimes it’s worth checking directly on their website for flights which can sometimes prove to be cheaper, or may not show up in flight comparison searches.

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