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americaporchWhile the United States of America’s global reputation may have been tarnished over the past few years due to on-going economic issues and some controversial foreign policies, this does not appear to be putting people off wanting to call the country home. Over one million people from all over the world arrive to live across the US’ 50 states each year, (not to mention the roughly 3.5 million who move there temporarily for work purposes,) making America by far the world’s most popular emigration destination.

The fact is that, even accounting for the country’s much discussed financial problems, the United States still boasts the world’s largest and most technologically powerful economy and the long-term appeal of the American Dream – the idea that anyone in the country can make their fortune providing they are prepared to work hard – still just about holds.

Then there is the sheer diversity of lifestyle on offer in the country. No two states are the same and no matter what kind of surroundings you are looking to take advantage of in your new life – be it somewhere with sun-drenched beaches, a destination offering snow-capped mountains and fantastic ski opportunities or a thriving metropolis – the America will have it covered.

However, in spite of the million or so people who do manage to achieve permanent residency in the United States each year, there are many more who fail to make the move a success and return home. Even those who do manage to successfully apply for residency can find themselves in this situation.

When it comes to thinking about emigrating to USA, it is essential to be in the know about all aspects of the process, from learning how (and even whether) you can obtain a residency visa , to what to expect once you are living there. You will need to take into account, for example, issues such as the relatively high-cost of healthcare (especially if you’re coming from a country that has a universal healthcare system) and be aware that property prices and living costs can vary dramatically, depending on where in the country you choose to settle.

Therefore, to make sure you are fully prepared for your new life in the USA, it is well worth taking some time to peruse the information included in this section of the website. Almost everything you will need to think about when moving to America is included here: visa information, healthcare, education, banking, currency exchange, removals, flights… the list goes on.

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