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An in-depth guide covering all aspects of living overseas including cost of living, salary and taxes, currency, healthcare and packed with useful case studies.

Editor’s introduction

There can be little doubt that deciding to emigrate will be one of, if not the, biggest decision you will ever make. Preparing to wave goodbye to everything that you hold so dear and familiar is likely to be an emotional experience and depending on where you’re emigrating to, it’s also extremely likely to have a hugely negative impact on the size of your wallet.
Yes, I’m afraid to say that emigrating to any one of the ‘big 4’ English-speaking, long-haul destinations i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America, is likely to be an expensive process.

While those of you planning to emigrate closer to home, and stay in the EU will undoubtedly find the emigration process to be far cheaper – for a start there are no confusing visa issues which require migration agents, flights are cheaper as are removal costs, etc. – the move is still likely to be considerably more expensive then relocating to a different part of the UK. Wherever your intended destination may be, with the world still coming to terms with the global financial crisis that first started way back in late 2007, it is today far more essential than it once was to ensure that your finances are managed in an astute and measured way throughout the entire process.

But with so much to think about where should you start? Thankfully, the answer to this question and hopefully numerous others that you may have, can be found in this guide.
Over the following pages you can read some handy tips about getting your finances in order before you emigrate, learn what you can expect with living costs in your new country and compare property prices between the UK and each of the aforementioned destinations covered in this guide.

This guide aims to give you some idea of the financial hurdles that you will find yourself coming up against over the months leading to your departure. And if – and I stress if – it can help you save a few pounds or, to be more accurate, dollars or euros along the way, then so much the better.

Enjoy the guide.

David Fuller

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