Estonia suffers net migration loss

Recently released statistics reveal that Estonia experienced a net migration loss of 6,629 people in 2012.

Estonian Flag

Estonian Flag

According to the latest figures from Statistics Estonia, 10,873 people emigrated from the country last year, while just 4,244 arrived to live there.

Finland was both the most popular source country for immigrants and the number one destination of intended residence for Estonian emigrants. The statistics show that 6,386 Estonians moved to Finland in 2012 (59 per cent of the total outflow) while 1,503 people moved in the opposite direction.

The UK was the second largest destination country for Estonian emigrants, with 1,369 moving there – only 258 people made the opposite journey.

Russia was the second largest source of immigrants, with 24 per cent of all new Estonian immigrants hailing from there.

The statistics also show that between 30 and 40 per cent of Estonian citizens who emigrate from the country eventually return to live there. Of last year’s immigrants, just over70 per cent were returning citizens – either those who had emigrated or their foreign-born children.