EU student UCAS applications rise

The latest University application figures released by UCAS show that EU students don’t appear to be overly put off studying in a UK University by Brexit.

The latest UCAS data shows that the volume of EU applicants has risen 1 per cent compared to last year, meaning 50,650 EU students applied to study in the UK this year.

What’s more, there is a record number of applicants from outside the EU. A total 81,340 students have applied to study in the UK, an increase of 8 per cent.

China continues its rapid growth, with applicant numbers up 30 per cent to 19,760. This means that, for the first time, there are more applicants to study in a UK university from China than there are from Northern Ireland (18,520).

Overall, 638,030 people have applied in the current application cycle – a rise of over 1,000 on 2018.

‘The global appeal of UK higher education has never been clearer, with record, demographic beating application rates in England and Wales, and the steep rise in international applications, especially from China,” said Clare Marchant, UCAS’ Chief Executive.

“The analysis shows how attractive undergraduate study continues to be for young people, although university isn’t the only route on offer. Our survey insight shows that around a quarter of students are interested in apprenticeships as an alternative option,” added Marchant.

Article published 17th July 2019