Farm staff, carers and chefs should be seen as skilled – survey

A new survey reveals that most Brits believe farm staff, carers and chefs should be considered as skilled workers under new immigration rules.

A new YouGov study asked respondents hat they thought of the Government’s new immigration plans, under which only workers classed as ‘skilled’ will be able to immigrate to the UK.

The survey found that 92 per cent of respondents thought chefs and butchers (85 per cent) should be classed as skilled, although only 48 per cent felt the same way about hospitality workers.

Some 67 per cent of British adults who took part felt carers were skilled and as did 58 per cent when asked about farmworkers.

Many also indicated they considered HGV drivers (73 per cent) and construction workers (77 per cent) to have skilled roles.

Some industry leaders have already warned that changes to visa rules could “spell absolute disaster” for the care system and risk farmers, builders and hospitality businesses being hit the hardest.

Under the new system, points will be awarded for other key requirements like being able to speak English to a certain level, having a job offer from an approved employer, and meeting a minimum salary threshold.

According to a separate YouGov survey carried out last month, most respondents (84 per cent) agreed with plans to ensure migrants should be able to speak English to a certain standard.

Article published 4th March 2020