Featured Partner – Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ

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Cross-Cultural TranstioNZ Steve

Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ trains individuals, families, corporates and non-profit organizations in understanding the challenges and advantages of living and working with people from other cultures. We therefore assist people who are moving abroad as well as those who work in multicultural workgroups in their home country.

Our Services Include:

A Comprehensive Suite of Settling-In Services (Arrival Services & Cultural Orientation and Inclusion)

Relocation Cross-Cultural Training
A workshop for Individuals and Families on the Move

Spouses Abroad
A workshop for Accompanying Spouses on the Move

Leading with Cultural Intelligence
Training programme for leaders and organisations

Staff Cross-Cultural Training
An overview of Culture and Work Place Implications

The Culturally Intelligent Team
Cross-Cultural Training for Highly Effective Teams

Train the Trainer
Principles of Effective Training in Multi-Cultural Teams