Featured Partner – Gascony Property


 Gascony Property Peter

Gascony Property specialises in the sale of farms and houses in this beautiful area of south-west France. Gascony is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful regions of France, an area famed for its gastronomy, its fiery Armagnac and its robust country wines. This, combined with the warmth of the southern sunshine and Atlantic freshness, makes it the home of the discriminating buyer.

The countryside in the north is reminiscent of `Tuscany’ with its rolling hills topped with the `Bastide’ towns and villages, through vineyards, fields of sweetcorn and maize to the heart of the Armagnac countryside in the west and beyond to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, to the foothills of the Pyrenees and ski stations in the south and onward to Spain.