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Do you have a passion for traveling? Do you like exploring new places, yet enjoy the comforts of home? Does saving thousands appeal to you? A ‘yes’ to any or all of the above means home exchange is something to explore. Vacation home swapping is a fabulous way to become immersed in other cultures and explore new corners of the world while avoiding expensive accommodation and restaurant bills – turning what seems affordable into a dream vacation.


Let’s revisit the questions that we opened up with: do you have a passion for traveling? There are well known cities like London, New York, Paris, and Sydney to more remote locations such as Alabama, Goa, Iceland, Isle of Arran, Nova Scotia and Patagonia. As you will come to discover, there is an excellent opportunity, no matter where you want to venture for you to experience home exchange.

Do you like exploring new places, yet enjoy the comforts of home? Adventure can mean a location and also activities or environments. As you can imagine, a home in a major city is most likely going to be an apartment or maybe a house. When traveling around the globe, you might also have the opportunity to stay on a ranch, in a ski chalet, beach house, game lodges, or even a country estate.

No matter what location or type of accommodation you choose, with home exchange, you also get the added benefit of staying where other people live or vacation. This is having the creature comforts of home. Especially when traveling to a new location, it is so nice to relax in a bit more space instead of coming back to a cramped and often expensive hotel room.

Our last question above is; does saving money appeal to you? Imagine being able to enjoy fantastic destinations around the globe, while having the conveniences of staying in a home and spending only a small fraction of ordinary accommodation costs. With home exchange you not only avoid most of the accommodation costs, you also have the space and amenities so you can also choose to cook and eat what and when you want, saving money on excess restaurant bills. The need for dining out for every meal is simply gone, of course you are on vacation, so we would recommend getting out a few times to enjoy! The most important fact is that you have the choice.

Home exchanging is a great way to save thousands while stepping into someone else’s world to experience different cultures and environments.