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I have been a licenced Realtor for 12 years.

When I lived in Canada full time, I helped many expat families buy and sell in my area – which is Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Now I am living between the two countries, I am licenced with Royal Pro Real Estate Network. This company allows me to be a consultant within Canada, as well as an active agent within the Vancouver area.

I can help buyers and sellers by utilising my expertise as a Realtor, as well as my experience of helping many families to make the move. Using a Realtor to purchase property in Canada does not cost the buyer anything, as the Seller pays the Realtor’s fee.

I find that my personal experience of moving between the two countries helps me keep on top of things in both countries. If you are thinking of buying property in Canada, I can help. If you are thinking of buying in the Vancouver area, I can represent you, and if you are buying outside of my area, I can help you find someone who is equally as experienced and passionate as I am.

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