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What makes a city a great place to live and work in? It’s size, population and industry or its people, charm, future prosperity? That intangible feeling you get walking around, perhaps the blend of old and new that has you wondering what’s around the next corner? If the latter, then Halifax is the place for you


Nova Scotia, situated on the eastern seaboard of the Canadian Atlantic provinces, has a population of just under a million, almost half of whom live and work in the Halifax (HRM) and surrounding areas. Halifax, the Capital was founded in 1749 by the British, initially as a military base. The town itself was situated beneath (what was to become) Citadel Hill.

Nova Scotia is all about the sea; nowhere is more than 42 miles from the ocean and this has played a fundamental part in the traditions and outlook of its people.

Nova Scotia is a peninsula, connected through the province of New Brunswick to the rest of Canada and the U.S.A. Halifax boasts an award winning international airport that is the closest Mainland International Airport in North America, to Europe. Small fishing villages and bays along the coastline, evergreen forests inland; no wonder they call Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground.

Steeped in British history and traditions (and especially Scottish influence), Nova Scotia often seems more British than the UK. If anyone could bottle what makes Nova Scotia so special, you would have to say it’s the people.

Where in the world can you go, where a visit to the supermarket is really a chance to stop and chat with friends (even though you may not have met them before); community and people looking out for each other is plentiful in Nova Scotia. Halifax itself is a vibrant city, combining the old and the new. Citadels and Batteries dating back hundreds of years live in harmony with more cafes, and restaurants per head of population than anywhere in North America.

Recreation is part of the Canadian Lifestyle. Halifax and Nova Scotia offer extensive facilities for almost all pursuits; from Skiing, fishing and water sports to Ice Hockey, Football (Soccer) and Rugby. Enjoy unspoilt vistas when hiking, boating or just meandering around. Space is everywhere (OK they’re not making any more of it, but there’s plenty here); no more crowded beaches, queues or drive time nightmare commutes. Come live the dream.

Halifax, or to use its correct title, HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) is an amalgamation of Halifax, Dartmouth and smaller towns and districts. Located on both sides of the Bedford Basin, Halifax Harbour is the second largest natural Harbour in the world.

Halifax though is growing; a new, world class conference centre, proposed sports stadium and the largest retail park, east of Montreal. The future for Halifax looks bright. This is in no small part due to the Irving Halifax Shipyard and the securing of the Federal Naval Combat contract.
Further out from downtown, good highways connect suburban and rural areas that are always in demand and offer an enviable lifestyle; areas such as Bedford, Fall River, Tantallon and Porter’s Lake are always popular places to live, with commute times to the shipyard of around 30-40 minutes.
Nova Scotia has Canada’s warmest weather overall; warmer summers and milder winters than inland Canada. Halifax also offers world class education and medical facilities, including 5 Universities, as well as two general hospitals and a dedicated Children’s and Women’s Health hospital (IWK).

A thriving theatre and musical culture pervades the entertainment downtown. Try to find a bar or pub or restaurant that doesn’t have regular live music. To complement the downtown scene, Halifax also is home to the Metro Centre (sports and concerts) and the Halifax Casino.
Halifax and Nova Scotia welcomes you.