Five reasons to consider emigrating to New Zealand


New Zealanders are well known for their friendly and welcoming nature. The Kiwi’s on the whole have a ‘can-do’ attitude towards life and are more often than not prepared to help out others where they can – even if they’re not that well acquainted. A passing interest in rugby union – a national obsession – will no doubt aid relations between you and the average New Zealander.


Forget the UK’s green and pleasant lands, NZ boasts lush green forests, deep blue seas, picturesque mountain ranges, rolling countryside and some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world. It’s little wonder that over the past decade more and more Hollywood filmmakers have sought to make the most of NZ’s breathtakingly beautiful backdrops.


Although New Zealand does not offer the same year-round warm temperatures of trans-Tasman neighbour Australia, the country nevertheless still does tend to offer a better climatic experience than those living in the UK have become used to. Despite being a fairly small country, NZ offers several different climates. The northern end of the North Island benefits from a subtropical climate, while the northernmost tip of the South Island supposedly sees the most sunshine hours each year. Due to the presence of the Southern Alps, the South Island does tend to get rather chilly in the winter, although the thousands of visitors to the country’s ski resorts don’t tend to let this bother them too much.


If you’re bored of clogged cities and dirty towns, then NZ is likely to offer some welcome respite. New Zealand offers more space and less people than the UK, which means more freedom

In which to explore and roam. Take into account that more than a quarter of the country’s 4.5 million residents live in Auckland, and you start to realise just how open the rest of the country is.

Leisure activities

New Zealand is well known for offering its residents a slower, more relaxed pace of life than many other developed nations. But that isn’t to say that the country doesn’t have its more active side. In fact, NZ is often referred to as being an ‘adrenaline junkies’ playground’; a whole manner of extreme activities, including bungee jumping and zorbing, originated in NZ, while activities like kayaking, white water rafting , skiing and trekking (hiking) are all popular among locals.

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