Five reasons to consider moving to the USA

Economic powerhouse

In spite of a turbulent few years following the sub-prime crisis in the late noughties, the US has largely shrugged off its economic problems and remains a global powerhouse. According to a report carried out on behalf of US President Barack Obama in March 2014, the US recovered from the global recession faster than any other country aside from Germany. Jobs are in plentiful supply across the country once again, and many major companies are eyeing skilled overseas workers to fill vacancies.

Cheap properties

The property market was one of the main areas affected by the economic problems. House prices dropped at levels never seen before as more and more people found themselves unable to keep up with mortgage payments and were forced to sell at low prices to make them appealing to cash-strapped buyers. Although the market has recovered and improved immeasurably in recent years, according to CoreLogic housing data released in May 2015, average property prices were still around 8.4 per cent lower than they were at their peak level in 2006.

Lifestyle choice

No matter what type of lifestyle you’re seeking when you emigrate, the United States of America has it all. From the sunny climes of states like Florida, California and Hawaii, to thriving metropolises like New York City, LA and Chicago; the rocky delights of Colorado to the quaint familiarity of New England there is little doubt that the US has something for everyone.

Cost of Living

With, generally, cheaper food, clothing and fuel prices to be found throughout the country, not to mention the aforementioned low property prices, the US tends to be a far more affordable country to live in than the UK – especially as average wages are higher for most industries in and around major cities. In the latest Mercer cost of Living survey for expatriates, all US cities were found to be more affordable than London, with New York in 16th position. Three other US cities were ranked in the top 50 – Los Angeles (32nd), Chicago (42nd) and Washington DC (50th).

The American Dream

While the idea of American Dream – the idea that anyone can make their fortune, no matter what their background – may not be as prevalent as it once was, the US is still viewed as a land of opportunity by many immigrants. The US still encourages people who hold a positive, can-do attitude to live there – and those prepared to work hard can still make the dream come true. All this makes it little surprise that in spite of a somewhat convoluted immigration policy, the US is still the number destination of choice for global immigrants, with over a million newcomers choosing to settle in the country each year.

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